Initial reading of children with dyslexia - advice for parents

Which reading activities to develop reading motivation ?

Cardboard box design for different messages, and correspond to the family .
During the weekends we organize reading five minutes a day, when each member of a couple to read.
The child is instructed to read the daily weather forecast , tv schedule , or the contents of that particular interest .
In the evening, we read together and crkljamo .
We encourage children to read to younger brother or sister .
Reading recorded and rewarded with stickers .
Write words in the sand , cornmeal , with finger paint on the window .
Words of objects in the room written on slips of paper and adhesive are applied on real objects.
You are a child of the bookstore chooses it an interesting book .
The child sees us how we like to crave for the book.
If you have similar problems as adults our children povprašajmo friends, relatives , or us in this area can help.
He quickly joined the library , where you will be advised of the relevant literature .
The library asked whether therapeutic read out with the dogs , and they attend .
We use wooden educational aids (horizontal figure eight , wooden X , shamrock ) to develop skills that are important for literacy . With the development of skills important for literacy , increases the reading motivation .

What books should children read ?

Allow children to choose books of their choice. We pay attention only to the educational suitability . They can be cardboard , you can read the titles of journals , names from the phone book , the names of places on the map or recipes . Occasionally you can read comics. In the initial stage of reading , it is important to build a reading motivation , which is the basis for the development of reading techniques . Every time an independent recourse to the book , it proudly . We recommend reading personalized books Publisher: Damodar , companies and associations Piano Bravo . At school, we agree that the child made badge reading and homework . Reads the content and volume for books.


Criteria for the design of materials for people with dyslexia ?

For learning to read and suggest the correction of material that meet the criteria . Individual words that the person with the problem reads pretipkamo and shape according to the criteria .

Font : Arial, Tahoma , Verdana , Calibri .
Size symbols 14 -16 pt .
Ragged right edge.
Pastel yellow background.
Accentuate keywords.
Blue or green letters, numbers , notes.
Appropriate relationship between images and content that inspires .


Can you help children to read with your finger ravnilcem , tag ?

Yes . Finger ravnilce card or allow your eyes to more easily follow the directions and read the line to make it easier to focus on reading individual words and provide a child , especially one who learns through kinestetičen channel ( finger touch on paper , tracing words ) , it is through pay more attention to their activity .

At very low attention should use a card with a frame that allows read only one word at a time, the other words are masked .
Having difficulty with orientation when the child does not know which direction to read the law , we paint over
Text visual markings ( red asterisk or dash ) to mark the beginning of a line or direction of reading (red arrow ) .
Special ravnilca or color film , used in the correction of reading, allow appropriate contrast between the background and the letters or words , and thus facilitate the processing and understanding of words and consequently more correct reading .
Some children need more exercises for visual tracking ( the finger glued clearly visible label and the child with eyes follow the movement of our fingers in the air ) . Can be used in practice linking numbers , from the smallest to the largest number in a row, so as to form a picture of ) .


Should children read aloud or silently ?

In the initial stage of reading to read aloud to hear yourself how linking syllables in the word . When it gets to stay focused and reads more smoothly , quickly , starting with the silent reading. You can make an appointment with him to read three days aloud and you'll then next to it ( listen to you , corrected mistakes and talked to him about the content ) , other days it reads quietly . At a quiet reading is not so much a brake will not do much specific errors , so the faster progress and was more pleased with them .
Or should we read with a child together?

When read together, and we encourage them to not be afraid of the quantity and complexity of the text. You can use the method for reading in three stages ( steps ) that goes like this. When I first read the text read by ourselves first , and the child follows the text with your finger. In the second reading, read longer , more complex words we , the child was shorter , simpler . At the third reading, read all the words of children . We begin by reading slikopisov , and later with the tagline at which a child can achieve success and continue challenging when you have progress in reading and understanding the technique .

Tanja rocks , prof. defectology

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