Is dyslexia a disease that is curable ?

It is not a disease , but for all life situation during the school period changes , trouble can be reduced , offset , and repeatedly transformed . With better intellectual abilities , supportive environment , and proper correction shall reduce the problem soon . It is important to teach children and adolescents with the disorder live. Teach him how to be most effective in learning how to organize your learning how to maintain , despite the disruption of motivation to learn . Dyslexic difficulties also occur in adulthood , especially during periods of increased mental effort , stress, fatigue (difficulty with reading comprehension , fluid, relaxed written word , and there are individual letters omitted , disfigurement words in reading and writing ) .

Dyslexia is not healthy. We have no miraculous methods to all persons in the same way and also help tablets Sun

What helps ?

Confidence in their own strength, the joy of small successes .
Examples of parents or important people .
Important people who live successfully with dyslexia and gave the world over, when you dream of can be represented as: Agatha Christie , Albert Einstein, Hans Christian Andersen , Leonardo da Vinci , Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg , Richard Branson , Cher , Walt Disney , Pablo Picasso, John F. Kennedy , Steven Spielberg .
Regular , sustained and systematic learning .
Observation and development of economical and effective strategies that help compensate for deficits to the extent that such is possible.
Conducting exercises and training to automate shape of the letters , phonological awareness , to automate reading techniques of writing , the development of attention, self-control , orientation , memory, attention and concentration.
Implementation of training for teaching learning (development of metacognitive skills) .
Participation in extracurricular activities that bring success , strengthen self-esteem and increase competence. We suggest that children turn into music school for artistic or sporting activities , which will be developed holistically. Practicing will : endurance , systematic , self-control, accept the rules and adapt to the social norms . All of these skills will help him to overcome deficits. Schedule organize so that you will be happy and peaceful . Meet the teacher and coach , talk to them and ask them to participate in promoting the integrated development of your child.
The development of interest , joy , activity, where children face as they glow with this train for self-learning and the life in which they have choice and control.
Participation in domestic chores , through which develops fine - motor skills , math skills , spatial representation , organizational skills and an understanding of sequences (eg helping in the kitchen , workshop , garden ... ) .
Perseverance parents will eventually be repaid by the joy and progress of the child. For additional exercises selected primarily for days when a child is teachable and motivated , because we know that learning derives from the heart. The day the child with difficulty involved, so only homework.
The total time will be devoted to learning and relaxation. Some children need more help , so the total time you spend with your child during the week , mostly intended learning. Some parents have this route, which will last only a few years .
Family should be one day a week free . This is the day of the release , visits, walks , play ....
Understanding the child in the classroom , adapting methods and forms of work and, if necessary, adjusting testing and assessment . Children with severe dyslexia or with concomitant disorders are focused on the implementation of the program with special and additional professional help .

Tanja Cerne , prof. defectology

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