Preferred perceptual learning channels

Each man used a dominant ( preferred ) channel reception , processing and integration of information from the external into the internal perceptual system . Given the dominant mode , there are three main types ( styles ) . In addition to the dominant , the individual has the rest of preferential channels. Children in the period up to 8 of learning with all senses ( multi-sensory ) . From 8 to 14 years to learn mainly audibly , visually later . It is important that adults develop any detectable broadcast channels and involve them in education and learning.
A person with a visual learning style :

used words referring to colors and the visual impression ( see , beautiful, picturesque )
is organized in a systematic ,
quiet , thoughtful , remember , graphics, images,
difficult to follow verbal instructions ,
prefer to read alone , but to listen ,
color consistency it is very important
written statements, thought patterns , uses color coding to your notes .

A person with auditory learning style :

words used to describe the speech , answering ( hear , loud , quiet ...)
the lectures , debates and speeches, he remembers a lot ,
talking to herself , using an internal dialogue
speaks rhythmically ,
learning needs peace ,
good mimics the tone , color, and tone of voice,
learning to talk , work in pairs, I discuss subject matter ,
subject matter remembers after sequences .

A person with a kinesthetic learning style :

uses words that describe feelings ( I feel I have experience ...)
I like to touch people and is located near them ,
large ranges , also in learning ,
subject matter remember when walking ,
learns by experimentation and personal experience
speak slowly ,
important she feels like appearance.
likes subjects that are " dynamic " .


Tanja Cerne , prof. defectology

NLP Master Coach , Learning Coach

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