Introduction Brain GYMA ®

Brain Gym ® is a safe and simple motor activity , which activates the whole body , even stimulate the nervous system in all parts of the brain and reduce the body's response to stressful situations , which is fight or flight . Assist in restoring the potential of the individual. It is a series of 26 fun , fast and energetic activities that combine movement and learning to cope more easily with learning blocks and continue towards the proper destination. Activate different cognitive functions ( communication, understanding , organization ) . To eliminate the learning blocks perform balancing central , focus and lateral dimensions and influence the greater motivation , learning effectiveness , satisfaction and competence of the individual. Dr . Paul Dennison , director of the Foundation 's educational kinesiology as an expert in the field of education in the 25 years of operation , developed Brain Gym ® program that combines physical movement , conquering the language and academic achievement. Brain Gym ® was initially used only in children with learning difficulties , but now this movement is used at home, at school, at work, in homes and in more than 80 countries in the world, on all continents . Brain Gym ® is the only part of the educational kinesiology . Start of educational kinesiology dates back to 1981, when it was issued, the first book Brain Gym ® . 1986, educational kinesiology developed into a universal approach learning styles , trends and customer satisfaction.

" Evolution is the path to learning. To live means to move it . " Paul and Gail Dennison


Tanja Cerne , prof. defectology

Brain Gym instructor and consultant with international license

my knowledge - my strength